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Summer Dump 2022

Traveling the world, switching careers, and focusing on myself

I have officially hit the reset button - a very exhilarating reset button. When I travel, I hop into a whole new persona based on where I’m at. I’ll blame that on the time zones and my alignment to the equator lol. This summer has packed enough action to make up for the stolen time the pandemic has taken from us. From a new job, more travel, taking a break from business, and setting new resolutions, I am not stopping here. Enjoy my alter ego that hatches in the sunshine before I go back into winter hibernation.


Travel & Food

This summer I took on Mexico City, Eastern Canada, San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston, the entire Midwest, and New York. Photos speak a thousand words, so enjoy this dump of a few of the places I’ve seen.

The best way to engage in a new space is to EAT! As a passionate food reviewer (she said Yelp Elite) and a member of the “the camera eats first” club, my mouth has been in automatic chewing mode since June. List of recommendations from a few of the places we visited. In-depth reviews to come.

San Francisco:

  • Fishetarian Fish Market - this was on our way to SF on the road trip. Literally the BEST fish n’ chips I have ever had. I am not a tartar sauce kinda girl, but I could literally spoon-feed myself their sauce.

  • Brew Cha - your classic boba spot and the tea is p good

  • Mission Cannabis Club - They have a lounge, bro! You can literally smoke up on sight.

  • Smitten Ice Cream - It’s the liquid nitrogen magic for me.

  • Yuanbao Jiaozi - Bomb ass dumplings. We were so full but still made room!

  • Daeho Kalbijjim & Beef Soup - My mouth is drooling just thinking about this place. Good for large groups and family style is recommended.

  • Ruby King Bakery - If you’re reading this in SF. I will give you my address please send egg tarts!

México City:

  • I stayed with my boyfriend’s family and they took us to places that I have no idea what the names are. We feasted like locals. Here is what you should be on the lookout for:

  • Tacos de lengua y cachete were my fave! Prepared differently than in the U.S.

  • Tacos de al pastor - like, duh.

  • Posole - I think my soul left my body on the first bite.

  • Mamey! A tropical fruit that I have never heard of before this trip.

  • Agua frescas de mango

  • Licuado de mamey

  • Tamales - They also gave me sweet tamales which were bomb asf.

The Midwest:

  • To be real I would stick to the burgers and American cuisine (obvi.).

  • Fried cheese curds from Wisconsin are a must.

  • Ya that's it, it's literally the Midwest.


  • Ho Yuen Bakery - Their curry buns and rice cakes smack.

New York:

  • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza - they have multiple locations, thankfully. Please get the crab pizza, I feel this is what my aura tastes like.

  • Ainslie - Cute brunch spot for the girlies. Did I mention BOTTOMLESS (mimosas, bloody mary’s, and spiked iced tea) + an entre.

  • Black Seed Bagels - My homegirl really put me on one. They do not skimp on the shmear.

  • Qahwah House - Authentic chai! None of that Starbucks nonsense. Pots are great for sharing (or not).

I will do another post about the Seattle and Washington State places - there’s a ton + I want to include hikes and outdoorsy shit.


Life Updates

Vending IRL

At the beginning of summer, I’m proud to say that I finally popped my Fremont Market cherry. The stress of face-to-face vending always fades when I meet y’all in real life. I’ve only done a few so far but my confidence in my shop and myself have developed so much since I started.

Career Switch

I graduated last year (2021) from the University of Washington with a data science degree. Right after that, I hopped into a data analytics role at an insurance brokerage. Throughout my experience, my acne returned, my self-esteem depleted, and my overall well-being was constantly on the rocks. At the beginning of summer, I finally quit that environment with no backup plan. It was something I was on the fence about. The fear of unemployment scared my mom so much that I almost convinced myself to struggle a little longer. This gave me the chance and time to regroup. I know I wanted to continue Tita Bun and work on designs. While applying for jobs, I knew I wanted to grow creatively and learn from other professionals, especially on how I can be expressive through design and data. A month after quitting insurance I started my job at Freemind Seattle as a Marketing Coordinator. A whole new space with vibrant individuals that pick each other up. I no longer feel in competition with my peers or with myself. As a smaller vendor for Microsoft, I get to learn from a mix of companies and see how everyone’s skills are utilized to create worldwide amazing events.

That’s all folks

Not this being the most chaotic piece of words I have ever spat out. But this is my blog and my url so bwhaha.

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